dedicated to creating scroll-stopping photography and videography that illustrate a unique story of your brand.

We are a

Product Photography Studio

Our mission is to allure your audience with beautiful yet thoughtful photography and videography.

With our professional background in digital marketing, we understand that content not only needs to be attractive, but also created with your marketing efforts in mind. Because of this, we offer a tailored approach to each brand's needs to capture the impulse, wants, and needs of your unique audience.

Our Services

Creative Photography

Ecommerce Photography

Stop Motion GIFs

Make your mark with your audience with creative photos ranging from minimalistic to vibrant and dynamic.

Showcase your product with a simple and direct image.

Adding some interesting movement in your creative content can further grab your viewers' attention beyond a static image.

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Videos are the hot buzz right now!
Short form videos allure your audience deeper by animating your product's story.

Model Photography + Videography

Demonstrate further usage to your products with some human touch to your photography + videography!

Why Brands Choose Yoonki

"We are very selective when it comes to product photographers, and were delighted to come across Yoonki Media and see the professional, creative and unique quality of work they produce. The whole process of working with them was seamless largely due to the amazing communication throughout onboarding, conception, moodboarding, and as things unfolded through the shoot process. We can't say enough about how great it is to work with creatives who offer solutions and follow through with results.
Thank you, Yoonki Media!"

"When Victoria reached to me, I was both flattered and also uncertain. We have high standards when it comes to our creative work. After virtually meeting with Victoria, it was easy to see she has a real passion for her craft. The results were beautiful and beyond expectations. We're excited to work with Victoria again and add her name to our roster of talented photographers."

"Working with Victoria was an absolute joy and such a seamless process! She pays excellent attention to detail. We were impressed by the outcome of our pictures and will recommend her to anyone needing product photography."

"I had a great time working with [Victoria]. [Victoria is] so professional and friendly at the same time. [Victoria is] very open to suggestions and shares [her] creativity.

"We were looking to elevate our online imagery and Victoria's work was what caught our eye. Her approach to shooting is so detailed and dialed. We spent time going over everything from inspiration down to small details and she absolutely NAILED IT! Every single one of the images she created is stunning! Victoria is such an incredible artist, who truly knows her craft. We are so happy and grateful. We absolutely love her work and are very much looking forward to working together with her again!"

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